How Lerato ‘accidentally’ wore Project Runway SA dress

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Here is the backstory: Lerato Modibedi was a mentee who later became like a sister to me. She loves the arts, and she is mad about fashion. So when I forwarded her the ‘No Modern Slave by Kgosi‘ fashion march info that designer Gift Kgosi sent me it was a no brainer that she would want to come with.

One word – Kimono!

I was the first to arrive at the venue in Maboneng at Bertrand Cafe on purpose because I wanted to have a conversation with Kgosi before all the jubilation started and most importantly to choose the kimono that I wanted to wear. There were actually three that I liked, but with his help, I chose the best one for me.

After a few minutes Lerato arrived. After greetings, hugs and kisses I took her to the room at the back where the models were getting ready and to introduce her to the man of the moment himself.

When Kgosi and his art director laid their eyes on Lerato they immediately asked her to take off her clothes and put on “the dress”. What a turn of events! And Lerato, never the one to fail to seize the moment, rose to the occasion.

Model Lerato Modibedi and designer Gift Kgosi.

The dress fit like a glove. And just like that, Lerato would now join the #NoModernSlave march, not as someone who came to accompany me, but as one of the top 10 models who walked in the frontlines. I was so proud.

Lerato and Barbara Strydom pose after the march.

After the march, after taking all the selfies and the networking, Lerato and I found a quieter place to eat and to catch up.

So as soon as it got dark we had to part ways. When she got home she sent me a text: “Are you home safely?” to which I responded, “Yes, I was just charging my phone so I could let you know.” Then she texted: “Thank you for an epic day.”

Lerato and I had tons and tons of fun.

Go and flourish

It’s all thanks to Kgosi, really. This event inspired me. He is bold and does his own thing. He does not seek permission or validation. He is fearless. He basically hosted a fashion show, right there, on Fox Street, in Maboneng, Johannesburg. People had no choice but to stop and stare in awe!

I remember at one point I wanted to grab my phone out of my bag to take more pictures and Kgosi said to me: “No babe, you have taken enough pictures. Now let Africa take the pictures. Go and flourish.”

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  1. Polo Letseka says:

    Thats my blood sister ,all all best to you ausi Lerato ,may good Lord grand you with more to your career.

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