Roast of AKA was … let’s just say, watch it for yourself

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I attended the live recording of the Roast of AKA at Teatro at Montecasino. VIP suite, the works. Side note to self: I have to learn how to use chopsticks, guys. 

AKA’s roast is screen on Showmax, as well as on Comedy Central as from 12 March.

The roasting panel consisted of Tsonga musician Papa Penny, former legendary soccer player Mark Fish, comedian Joey Rasdien, musicians Moonchild Sanelly and Davido, Francios Van Coke, as well as TV personalities Moshe Ndiki and Nina Hastie.

Pearl Thusi was named as the first ever black woman to be a Roastmaster for a Comedy Central roast.

Limpopo-born and bred comedian Mashabela was the surprise act – and did he dish it out or what!

As you know, live recordings are not 100% the same as what you’ll see on TV, so I’m interested to see how they are going to package this one.

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